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“That every student who participates in an ISCA study program in Australia WILL return!”

Part of that reason will be to visit their Australian family – a special relationship that can last a lifetime.

As a requirement of the Australian Government, students under 18 years of age MUST stay in homestay accommodation that is approved by the Australian college or school, or be living with a direct relative. ISCA undertakes the supervision of homestay accommodation on behalf of the school or college.

Students over 18 years of age can also stay in homestay accommodation or alternative accommodation. The style of accommodation recommended by ISCA will depend on the study program chosen, the age of the student and the personal requirements of the overseas student/family.

ISCA provides Complete Homestay Accommodation Service to Primary & High School Students, TAFE students, Language school students

  • Customised individual service: we take into account special interests of each student, sporting or academic requests. For example, if applicant is interested in music or soccer, we place him/ her in a school specialising in this.
  • Homestay family: carefully selected and interviewed. We try to match student’s interests & personality to homestay family as much as possible. However, if the chemistry is to working out, (maybe 1% of the time) we would move the student to another homestay family.

Special care for students under the age of 18 years:
ISCA provides a 24 hour a day, 7 days-a-week support to the overseas student and the Australian homestay family. Selected Australian families give the best care, support and single room hospitality that will satisfy the cultural experience during the student’s stay in Australia.

What kind of families are they? Why do they host?

The typical Australian family is very family oriented, love sports and outdoors activities and are very involved with their children’s activities.  Some mothers may not work because of special commitments their children may have in sporting or other fields. They will devote their entire weekend to taking their children to places.

Some older couples whose families have grown up, want to share their love and affection and home, some are born mothers and cannot bear the empty home. Some just are simply excited at prospect of having exposure to another culture. Maybe they are well travelled themselves. Or maybe they cannot afford to travel and this is their way of getting some exposure to other cultures. Homestay opens up new horizons for their own children, inspires their own children to travel to learn, to be accommodative and adjusting. Some are looking for friends.

What are the host families responsible for?

  • To treat the student as their own child. For the period the student lives with them, share their home and heart like they would with another child in home.
  • Nice clean room, bed, wardrobe, desk is basic need.
  • At least 3 meals a day. Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner which is the sit-down etc. together and chat about the day meal.
  • If student is out late then pick up form destination or from bus stop.
  • Responsible for moral and emotional well being, like one of their own family. Safety and security.
  • Attend school functions, parent-teacher meeting and graduation ceremonies when required.
  • Medical emergencies: take to doctor, hospital whatever is required.

There is a standard Placement charge including GST for homestay placement. Please note that Homestay cost per week is dependant on age of student requiring homestay.  Cost of Homestay program will be advised upon application. Please contact us  or use our online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will get back to you within 2 working days.

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