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Australian Study Programs…

Needs of the Overseas Student and Family

ISCA study programs are an experience of a lifetime:

  • ISCA staff are available 7 days a week, 24 hours-a-day to both the student and their host family. 
  • Ongoing regular contact with the student and host family.
  • Regular monitoring of the student's welfare and progress.
  • ISCA will also provides assistance with VISA applications and related documents.

Individual Student

For individual student there are 2 main types of program. 
Short Term on Tourist  /Visitor Visa  & Long Term on Student Visa.

1. SHORT TERM PROGRAM ON TOURIST /VISITOR VISA can only be possible under care of a local agent like ISCA.  ISCA would  pick up the student from the airport, organising enrolment in school and sign a form to declare that ISCA would look after the student’s welfare during their stay in Australia. The Australian Government offers no special protection to these students in this category. Therefore the student needs to be under the care and monitoring of a responsible organization upon arrival in Australia.

Private Schools will accept students on Short term program. Price on application.

Dates of program:
A short term student can come to Australia at any time of the year. However, if  student wishes to join school at the start of each term, then see the link to Term dates.

Application deadline: Students on Tourist visa may apply as late as 4 weeks before arrival date. We will do our best to accommodate


a) A selection of quality primary/high school, tertiary/university and English language colleges. These colleges provide a variety of ACCREDITED academic study programs in conjunction with special interest programs such as Sport, Music, Art, Languages and many more.

b)  Assistance in the selection of the MOST APPROPRIATE educational institution for the overseas student. These include Primary/High School in either short-term (3 and 6 months) as well as long term (12, 24 and 36 month) academic year programs. 

Application deadline: Students on Student Visa MUST apply at least 6 to 8 weeks before start of new School Term (see school term dates table below). This time is required for the application process and to obtain necessary documents for the Student Visa application.

Study Tour Groups

  • Short Term on Tourist or Visitor Visa  - Individual: Can attend school for 2 to 9 weeks on Tourist Visa. 
  • Long Term – on Student Visa Individual: One academic term, one semester, one year
  • English Language Programs – Individual & Groups
  • Combined sports and Language program – Individual & Group
  • Individual short term program- Individual student can attend this: Combination short term school (4 weeks) and excursions. So student can attend school for 2 weeks then join an ISCA excursion to Sydney / Great Barrier Reef/ Red Centre.

A group of students can join a Study tour – minimum of 10 students with accompanying adult.

Individual study programs, for shorter periods of time, are available on request.

Australian Visa Information

VISITOR VISA – for students who study for less than eleven (11) weeks may apply for Tourist or Visitor Visa. It is recommended that all students come on a Student Visa.


Australian School Term Dates

Australian School year is different from the academic year in the northern Hemisphere. Our Academic year starts at the end of January and ends in early December.

We always advise the student arrives at last 2 days before the school term starts. This will allow the student to recover from jet lag and also to get to know the host family, the new neighbourhood, organise school uniform and books etc.

School Term Dates for the next 2 Academic years are as follows:


Period of School Term  School Term From  School Term To  Suggested Arrival Date  Suggested Departure Date Last Date of Application for Student Visa
 Term 1, 2015 27-Jan-15  02-Apr-15  25-Jan-15  04-Apr-15  27-Oct-14
 Term 2, 2015  20-Apr-15  26-Jun-15  18-Apr-15 28-Jun-15  20-Jan-15 
 Term 3, 2015  13-Jul-15  18-Sep-15  11-Jul-15  20-Sep-15    13-Apr-15 
 Term 4, 2015  6-Oct-15  04-Dec-15  04-Oct-15  06-Dec-15 06-Jul-15 
 Semester 1, 2015 27-Jan-15  26-Jun-15  25-Jan-15 28-Jun-15  27-Oct-14 
 Semester 2, 2015  13-Jul-15  04-Dec-15  11-Jul-15  06-Dec-15  13-Apr-15
 Academic Year, 15-16  13-Jul-15  24-Jun-16  11-Jul-15  26-Jun-16  13-Apr-15
3 Terms, 15-16  13-Jul-15  24-Mar-16  11-Jul-15  26-Mar-16  13-Apr-15

*2015 - Year 12 students finish on 18 November, Years 10 & 11 students finish on 25 November.


Period of School Term  School Term From  School Term To  Suggested Arrival Date  Suggested Departure Date Last Date of Application for Student Visa
 Term 1, 2016 27-Jan-16  24-Mar-16  25-Jan-16  26-Mar-16  27-Oct-15
 Term 2, 2016  11-Apr-16  24-Jun-16  09-Apr-16 26-Jun-16 11-Jan-16
 Term 3, 2016  11-Jul-16  16-Sep-16  09-Jul-16  18-Sep-16  11-Apr-16
 Term 4, 2016  04-Oct-16  02-Dec-16  02-Oct-16  04-Dec-16 04-Jul-16
 Semester 1, 2016 27-Jan-16  24-Jun-16  25-Jan-16 26-Jun-16 27-Oct-15
 Semester 2, 2016  11-Jul-16  02-Dec-16  09-Jul-16  04-Dec-16  11-Apr-16
 Academic Year, 16-17  11-Jul-16  23-Jun-17  09-Jul-16  25-Jun-17  11-Apr-16
3 Terms, 16-17  11-Jul-16  31-Mar-17  09-Jul-16  02-Apr-17  11-Apr-16

*2016 - Year 12 students finish on 18 November (to be confirmed), Years 10 & 11 students finish on 24 November (to be confirmed).

TERM DATES QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS 2017-2018 (to be confirmed)

Period of School Term
School Term From
School Term To
Last date of Application for Student Visa.
Term 1, 2017
Term 2, 2017
Term 3, 2017
Term 4, 2017
Semester 1, 2017
Semester 2, 2017
Academic Year, 2017-18
3 Terms, 2017-18

*2017 - Year 12 students finish on 17 November (to be confirmed), Years 10 & 11 students finish on 24 November (to be confirmed).

Types of Programs

  • Study tours –full school integration
  • Sports Camps
  • English Language programs
  • Guided Tours to various Australian destinations for students/tourist / families: Sydney+ Melbourne+ Barrier Reef.
  • A combination of Study tour and excursions.

What is a Study Tour?

  • Study Tours provide an opportunity for groups of 10 or more students
  • Programs vary from half a day to 12 weeks in length and can commence at any time throughout the School Calendar year.
  • Tailored to suit the needs of each group and combine exciting educational, tourism and cultural exchange activities.
  • A fun and effective way to improve English conversation skills
  • Explore some of the many wonderful attractions of Australia.

ISCA offers a selection of study tour programs for various groups

  • High school students
  • Tertiary students
  • Business delegations
  • Tours incorporating English tuition
  • Visits to Australian institutions or companies
  • Sightseeing tours for families, supervised tour for students, tourists

Sports Camps

Groups can ask to participate in tailor made Sports camps/clinic programs. You can choose to focus on water sports based activity program or cricket clinic or football clinic.

Study Tours – School children under 18 year old

  • Study Programs can be of duration between 3 to 4 weeks in Brisbane, Gold Coast and other venues.
  • Average size of group 10 to 15 students.
  • Special offer: One accompanying adult free accommodation and board with group of 15.
  • We offer customised packages to suit your needs.
  • The group will attend classes with Australian children, and stay with a local family. They will be taken on day excursions and cultural exchange programs.
  • Cost will be based on the size of the group and how many excursions are to be included.

What we organise for you

  • Homestay with a family whose child attends the same school
  • English Lessons
  • School integration: attend school with local Australian children
  • Buddy System
  • Sightseeing Excursions
  • Airport pick-up and drop off

For more information and for a quotation, see contact us.

Cost of Program

What is Included in the program:
School or college tuition fees, school application fee, Homestay Application, homestay accommodation (including three meals per day), airport pickup and transfer to the host family. If studying on a Student Visa, Overseas Student Health Cover is compulsory and also included.

What is not  included:
The visa application, return airfares, schools uniforms (if required), stationery requirements, telephone/communication expenses, public transport to and from school or college, excursions and sightseeing and personal spending money.

The cost for the study program is available by contacting ISCA. We can customise a program to suit your needs.

Please contact us for further details and cost of program
ISCA is able to provide the cost for any requested government and/or a Private school program, as well as a personalised study program based on specific requirements in music, sport, arts etc. ISCA also provides a supervised sightseeing Excursion Program.  All details are available on request.

Student /Agent form
If you are interested in finding out more about our programs, please  ring us on +61 7 3851 0704 or contact us or use our online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will get back to you within 2 working days.

Australian Study Programs